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Having just gone through the recruitment process with Selwyn Stevens I would recommend them without hesitation to both employers and candidates alike. From the first messages I received from Andrew Selwyn it was clear he was engaging seriously and specifically with who I was as a candidate whilst having a clear understanding of what was required for the role. Andrew also spoke very clearly about his approach and why he worked in the way he does. The result was I felt I knew exactly what was happening at each stage and could understand clearly how the process was progressing. 

The i-intro stage was a fair amount more involved than equivalent stages in previous recruitment processes I had been through, but I saw it as an opportunity to communicate about myself with maximum clarity. The result was by the time I first met my new employer at interview, we already had a detailed understanding of each other and the conversation was able to move forward quickly.

In all the result of going through the recruitment process with Selwyn Stevens is I am now on the cusp of starting a role that is very close to what I had already imagined might be the next step in my career, but the process of getting here has been far more straightforward than I had imagined it could be. I’m also excited that in a few short weeks’ time I will be starting to work with a company that I feel already knows me really well and I am very optimistic that we will be successful together.

Pete Nelson

Quality Manager

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