What is the true cost of a bad hire?

The average business wasts thousands each year on bad hires. New recruits that leave within a short space of time are the nemisis of business growth. 

Discover the cost of your bad hires by using our FREE Good Hire Calculator tool.

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Recruiting and hiring good employees is arguably the most critical aspect of any business. After all, if you’re not hiring the right people to begin with, your ability to succeed in nearly everything else you do will be greatly compromised. That’s why it is important to consider the costs of a bad hire

Your company loses more than time, money and effort by recruiting, hiring and training people who perhaps shouldn’t have been brought on in the first place.

The costs of a bad hire don't end there.

With the good hire calculator, you can discover:

What your retention rate is.

The indirect cost to your business

The direct cost to your business

The cost of each bad hire

Are you now wondering what the cost of a bad hire is in your business?

Our unique Good Hire Calculator™ uses the latest data* and super clever algorithms to work out what the true cost is to you so use the Good Hire Calculator now to find this out by signing up below.

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