Case Study – Crystran

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Operating in a niche area of the Photonics Industry, Crystran has been growing steadily for the past 25 years based on our reputation of quality and customer support. As such, the recruitment of a new Quality Manager to take over from our retiring incumbent was viewed as a core challenge that we couldn’t afford to get wrong.

After working with several ‘standard’ agencies it became clear that we needed a more dedicated service from a different kind of recruiting company – a company that understands the importance of such a position and is able to actively hunt outside the usual recruitment landscape.

Working with Andrew, it was clear from the outset that his method of working was far more likely to generate a set of well-qualified candidates in a manner that was carefully structured to both assess and excite the potential recruit. After meeting with each candidate personally, Andrew was able to lead them into detailing a comprehensive track-record of their professional history (in addition to their CVs), along with providing me with a surprisingly in-depth psychological assessment via his ‘Selwyn Stevens i-intro’ service. With access to all this information, the interviews I conducted with each candidate were far more targeted and effective, resulting in my clear decision to make an appointment without the need for 2nd or even 3rdinterview rounds, saving me a significant amount of time and effort.

It’s been a pleasure working with Andrew, which I know is a sentiment echoed by our new Quality Manager, and I look forward to working with him again.


Having just gone through the recruitment process with Selwyn Stevens I would recommend them without hesitation to both employers and candidates alike. From the first messages I received from Andrew Selwyn it was clear he was engaging seriously and specifically with who I was as a candidate whilst having a clear understanding of what was required for the role.

Andrew also spoke very clearly about his approach and why he worked in the way he does. The result was I felt I knew exactly what was happening at each stage and could understand clearly how the process was progressing.

The i-intro stage was a fair amount more involved than equivalent stages in previous recruitment processes I had been through, but I saw it as an opportunity to communicate about myself with maximum clarity. The result was by the time I first met my new employer at interview, we already had a detailed understanding of each other, and the conversation was able to move forward quickly. In all the result of going through the recruitment process with Selwyn Stevens is I am now on the cusp of starting a role that is very close to what I had already imagined might be the next step in my career, but the process of getting here has been far more straightforward than I had imagined it could be. I'm also excited that in a few short weeks' time I will be starting to work with a company that I feel already knows me really well and I am very optimistic that we will be successful together.

- Pete Nelson, Quality Manager

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