COVID-19 Business Impact

Back in April Beauhurst anticipated that they were working on a second report about COVID-19 Business Impact.

It’s safe to say that since then, the world has undergone a lot of change. Businesses all over the country, big and small, had to adapt to this new situation, scale back, and in some cases close their doors for good. Others still have pivoted and are now thriving in this new world we find ourselves in.

This new edition tells the story of high-growth companies six months on from initial lockdown measures. they compared the state of the market today with that of April, looking at which companies have been most impacted — both positively and negatively. in the PDF above, you’ll be able to find some information about it.

Spoiler alert: early stage companies are now in a much more vulnerable position than before…

The COVID-19 Impact dataset has been invaluable to me and my team of researchers. We’ve used these impact statuses as a measure of resilience, and been able to look at the top performing companies to identify the characteristics that help them overcome the effects of the pandemic.

— Maksim Belitski, Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Henley Business School

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