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We are so confident in our method of recruitment we offer:

Pay as you go Recruitment service: The recruitment fee is paid over 12 months, helping your cashflow. It means if your new hire leaves you within the first 12 months, your payments will stop and you will have nothing further to pay.

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Why Selwyn Stevens?



98% of the candidates we place using i-intro® are still in position 12 months later, and 96% after 24 months.



Spread the cost across 12 months and reduce your risks of a bad hire.



We create a scenario to only spend time with those candidates that truly match your requirements.

Our Engagement, search and delivery process...

Step 1: Consultant

Client & Consultant to agree upon the assignment brief

Step 2: Client

Complete McQuaig Behavioural requirements & Selects up to 5 Key Competency Questions

Step 3: Consultant

Create Advert copy and Candidate Engagement Pack & Identify target organisations and potential candidates

Step 4: Consultant

Conduct market research and target advertising & Approach relevant prospects to fact find and network

Step 5: Consultant

Interview potentially relevant candidates & Invite potentially strong candidates onto Selwyn Stevens i-intro platform

Step 6: Candidate

Complete Selwyn Stevens i-intro video, McQuaig Behavioural assessment, load CV, complete Key Competency questions, key facts and mare

Step 7: Consultant

Grade candidates against assignment brief

Step 8: Client

Review shortlisted candidates via Selwyn Stevens i-intro and select candidates for interview & Conduct 1st Interviews on agreed time and date

Step 9: Consultant

Discuss feedback with client and candidates and arrange 2nd Interviews & Manage employment offer and resignation process

Step 10: Candidate

Candidate starts and Consultant takes ongoing 360 degree feedback

Step 11: Client

Happy with Selwyn Stevens world class approach

Andy was very much focussed on ensuring that the candidate was the right fit for the role rather than just trying to get anyone into a role regardless. It was this approach that led me to use Selwyn Stevens as the preferred recruitment partner in my current role and we have now had several successful appointments made on this basis. I would certainly recommend Andy as being a recruiter of choice to anyone looking to fill those difficult roles.

Chris Bew - Manufacturing/Operations Director

The Selwyn Stevens i-intro® process allowed me to take control of my application and provided a professional recruitment procedure. Throughout the process, Andy kept me informed in a very professional manner and always returned my calls. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andy & Selwyn Stevens intro®”

Ian Gay -Managing Director Tithegrove

Our Core Values

- Our single value is to recruit people that will stay with you for the long term and deliver meaningful value to your business.

- The fact that we guarantee to reduce your recruitment costs, reduce your time to hire and reduce your commercial downtime is just an added bonus.

-That's why its not "all about us" it will always be "about you". Together we are unstoppable.

True cost of bad recruitment choices

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