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I’m the founder of Selwyn Stevens International Limited and acknowledged as one of the most charismatic and focused experts in the world of talent acquisition.

For more than 30 years my passion has been helping clients take their businesses to the next level by identifying and recruiting hard-to-find and business critical staff. I have been fortunate to partner with some of the best businesses in Europe and the UK. I hold a special affinity with exciting & expanding start-ups, early stage and high growth technology companies.

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I send a monthly newsletter blog based on all of the knowledge and experience I have from the last 30 years, coupled with the modern day challenges you face when trying to recruit and most importantly, retain your key people. This goes out to over 200 business leaders and I am going to show you how you can recruit the BEST people, and KEEP them. I have a 2-year guarantee on all of my recruits and you can too.

Our job is to discover unique candidates, who have not yet started their job search

Any recruitment business model that relies on candidates making proactive applications for jobs is destined to fail.

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